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  • Can I get a quote for free?
  • Our quote is normally free. Please send us the original document by email or fax. We may need to charge for our time for large volumes of documents with notification in advance.
  • Do you provide a free trial translation?
  • We are happy to provide our translation for trial for a small fee. We can translate up to 180 words of English document into Japanese, or up to 360 characters of Japanese document into English at a set price.
  • How can I pay for the translation?
  • After the translation is delivered, you will receive our invoice by email. Please pay by bank transfer or credit card within two weeks after receiving the invoice. We ask all the individual customers to pay in advance before commencing the translation job.
  • What types of format can you handle?
  • Microsoft Office Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), InDesign (.indx) and others.
  • Can you translate and format pictures?
  • Yes, we can handle image files including BMP, GIF, TIFF and JPEG.
  • Do you translate with CAT tool such as Trados?
  • Yes. We use Trados in order to translate a large volume of documents fast and consistently.
  • What language(s) can you translate?
  • We can translate Japanese into English, English into Japanese in-house. We can also translate Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese from and into English.
  • Can I ask questions about the finish products. Can you do corrections for free?
  • We answer your questions and requests about the translation for two weeks from the date of delivery. We will correct for free if there is any translation errors. There will be charges if the corrections requested by the client was due to the client’s preference, or due to the change in the original documents.
  • What is your privacy policy is like?
  • We treat all the original document with care. We have a non-disclosure agreement format if you require.
  • Can you provide a certified translation?
  • If you are to submit your translation to any authority, it needs to be certified by the translator. For common documents including family registers, marriage certificates, graduation certificates, employment certificates, drivers licenses, the certification is included in the price. If you need a certification for other types of documents, we may charge NZD60.00+GST. If you need a sworn affidavit for the translation, we charge further NZD100.00+GST/hour for the time it took. (Charges may vary in terms of work required)