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We translate instruction manuals, operation manuals, service manuals, sales manuals as well as design work diargrams, circuit charts, specifications, online manuals and online help, etc.


  • electrical equipment, electronic equipment (survey equipment, measurement equipment, testers, mounters, navigation systems, monitoring systems, etc.)
  • cars, bikes and trucks
  • heavy machinery, construction machinery (cargo cranes, cherry pickers, bull dozers, power shovels, front loaders, etc.)

We provide a total one-stop shop not only translations but also production, formatting, DTP, professional book binding and printing.

Japanese Solutions Printing

This service is complete from the original Japanese or English version; the pictures are edited to remove the original text and replaced with the target translation. An independent translator then runs the finished translation through an all over check for any grammatical, spelling, or vocabulary errors. The corrected version is then bound or printed in-house professionally into the new English or Japanese version.

Copies can be supplied in most types of common media with various kinds of binding available such as fast-back, ring-binding and professional-binding etc.

Prices vary depending on the type, contents and volume (word count) of the document to be translated. It is also subject to change without any prior notice. Please e-mail us for a free quote.